Monday, August 30, 2010

Tiffany & Co. Themed Baby Shower!

Hello everyone!

You may (or may not, because you also have been busy) be wondering why I have been absent from my blog lately. Well, I started working full-time in the Private Events Department at Porter Valley Country Club this summer, so I have been quite busy there while still planning events for my own company, but mainly I have been blogging so much for the Club I haven't given my own blog much attention. You can keep up with my musings the last few months by following but I do hope to spend more time with you all on my personal blog from now on because, well, I can be more personal here :)

So let's start back with this wonderful little baby shower I designed for my coworker, Stacy, who is having her baby boy in a few short weeks... The shower was hosted by our club so we had a fabulous catered lunch & yummy cake from La Creme, one of our favorite preferred vendors because they never make the cake too sweet. But the decor & games were all left up to me, so here's what I came up with using her Tiffany & Co. (or in this case, Stacy & Co.) theme...Hope you like!

For the favors, I thought, what better treat for Stacy's guests than homemade sugar cookies (pregnant women love sugar right?) with teal frosting & marshmallow fondant bows, which I managed to make the night before & had to finish in the wee hours of the morning because I was out for my best friend's bachelorette (which I was also coordinating) that night. It was definitely difficult to do after a night out, but I managed to finish in the nick of time & still got 30 mins. of sleep! Phew! But totally worth it to see this smile from Stacy...

Next, for the decor of the tables, we used white linen with a teal napkin in the center & teal napkins faned out in the water glasses.

I also made these centerpieces to resemble a Tiffany's box using teal wrapping paper I found at Target which I wrapped a square vase in & some white ribbon from Michaels that I taped to the sides, plus the "bow" on top was white hydrangeas that I placed in the vases, & wala! You have a Tiffany's inspired centerpiece!

My good friend, Mars, from Flowers on Mars, stopped by to provide his lighting skills & uplit the entire room with teal lighting as well as spotlighting the cake to make it stand out. I cannot stress enough how important lighting is for events. There is no easier way to transform a room & add a lot of bang for your buck than with lighting effects.

That was pretty much it on the design side, simple but chic. For the games, we played a little Baby Scrabble, Guess the Size of Mommy's Belly (with yarn), & Figure Out How Many Kisses (Hershey's) In the Baby Bottle...Nothing too crazy, because we had a mix of ages of women & I didn't want to grose anyone out with the Guess What's In the Diaper type games. ;) It was definitely a fun time & yes, Stacy, made out really well with tons of useful things on her registry plus a lot of cute clothes! Now, I can't wait to help her plan the 1st Birthday! If only, that little baby would hurry up & be born already! Hehe. Oh well, it's almost time for his grand entrance & I am sure we will enjoy many more parties before his first.

Until the next party, have a fabulous day!

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