Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eco-Friendly Table Decor

I was very pleased to see these table settings at Bloomingdales using recycled materials just in time for Earth Day. Maybe you can incorporate their creative ideas into your next party or picnic?

Doesn't it look polished? And hardly none of it is actual linen, mostly recycled paper.

The detailed place settings; Names written on leaf shaped recycled paper are perfect.

Cool, modern earthy centerpieces. Very Earth Day appropriate.

Hope these photos inspire you to create your own Eco-chic event! Remember to be kind to this planet; the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day is April 22nd!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Design Inspiration

Mad Hater Tea Party

Now that I finally watched the new Alice in Wonderland movie (very fun and fantastical by the way), I thought I should post these pictures I took at Bloomingdales of their marvellous Mad Hatter's tea party table setting.

You can use this theme as inspiration for a bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower or even just a fun summer tea party.

The graphic black and white printed linens are a fun contrast with the bright pop of color on the napkins and mismatched floral china. I also love the clear glass apothecary jars with cake displayed inside like a specimen under examination-Tim Burton would approve.

Hanging tea cup, stacked tea pots and cups as centerpieces, along with a house of cards and a topiary plant with a Cheshire cat cutout...the possibilities are endless with this event theme.

My favorite lines from the film, "I like to think six impossible things before breakfast" and "The very best people are (mad)" should incourage you to try to incorporate some of these unique, whimsical ideas into your next event, and feel free to take your guests down the rabbit hole even further wherever your creativity leads you. Anything goes for a Mad Hatter's tea party inspired event; The wilder and weirder, the better!