Thursday, February 25, 2010

Signature LA Direct Magazine release parties

We gladly accepted an invitation to attend Signature Magazine's latest issue release party (for the Sex Issue) on February 5th with the promise in the invitation that it would be the "sexiest event of the year". How can we say no to that?

Me with former Xenii coworker/model Galina Liss and also former coworker/current Smaknews Editor, Gina Mom.

Unfortunately, all it offered was an entrance into a club and an excuse to go out with your friends. No magazines to be found or special event elements such as lingerie clad dancers/servers or even anything as simple as sensual imagery projected on walls. But we made the best of it and danced for a while before heading out.

Us leaving the mirror like hall that you pass coming in and out of the club.

A bit of a dissapointment production-wise (Signature's crowd is always pretty cool), but we were glad to see an invitation for another release party February 20th at Delux which was being produced by Vita Luna Group.

I was glad to see this bookcase with copies of the new issue as soon as we walked in. Also there was a hosted vodka bar the first hour and horderves passed from time to time. Definitely an improvement from the last party. Maybe the first really was just an excuse to go out?

Me joined by Seng, designer of the super chic women's wear line Georgie, Mel the mastermind behind many websites, and Leila from Laga Handbags (beautiful, unique handbags for a great cause, please support them).

For more info on Laga's cause go to

Me with a group of friends, including Vera designer and owner of Verameat jewelry (holding the magazine). Her stuff is amazing! Must see: (You will love her smart, ironic designs like Paint the Town Red, below.)

All in all, a fun night of friends and fashion (though I still have yet to meet the editor of the magazine, Hellen Kay). Hopefully for the next event we can meet the people responsible for this beautifully photographed and well edited fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine. Maybe a little more formality, such as a short speech from the editor to introduce the new issue and concepts they worked on would be a welcome addition to the next event? Just a thought. Us event planners never turn our brains off party planning mode! You all should definitely pick up this issue; it's extremely sexy as promised!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bizbash's Winter Bicoastal Issue Party

We were invited to the Winter Bicoastal Issue Party and had a fabulous time! Look out for me and fellow wedding planner Katie Lee in the upcoming Bizbash magazine ;)

On the computer, of course, Gina Mom, Editrix of came with me to enjoy the festivities and mingle with the event industry's best including the fabulous President of Bizbash, Richard Aaron. Check her site out for some great gossip, celebrity news, and important women's issues- and stay in the loop by joining her legion of fans on Twitter- follow Smaknews!

Gina and I in the cool, color changing Igloos from Town & Country rentals.

Us in the 360 photo sphere pictures: a fun, new take on the photo booth concept where a group of people are photographed at once inside a room.

The flowing drinks, appetizers, live music and aerial performance all added to the festive flair of the night. Another job well done for Richard! Thanks again for the invitation and amazing time.

Don't forget to visit the next Bizbash trade show if you are in the industry or looking to be inspired for your next event! Details for the Bizbash Expo can be found at