Sunday, January 31, 2010

MasterChef audition in LA

So my lovely followers, I have been away from my blog for a while being busy working on my audition for a new cooking reality show, working full-time, and the madness of buying our first house (with my first big kitchen; finally I'll have some space to cook!). But I promise to be in touch more often!

Here I am with two of my "fans"/good friends who came out to support me at the MasterChef audition, which I decided to try out for to share my passion for cooking with the world.

And for those of you curious about the dish I cooked up, here's the picture of my dish (minus the extra cilantro I placed on the albondigas soup spoon and on top of my jimaca slaw when I presented it to the judges, which I left off when I quickly took this picture before the audition).

Pictured Above: My Abuelita Ceci's albondigas soup, mom's pork tamales with salsa verde, and a colorful, refreshing jicama slaw to balance the taste of all the spicy flavors of the soup and tamales. Hope you like my presentation!

I'll make sure to share our secret family recipes in the next post, so you can prepare these amazing, authentic Mexican favorites from scratch for your familia.

Also, keep you posted on what happens with the audition if I get any news. Wish me luck!

Thanks so much to all my friends, family and husband for supporting me on this journey.


s.gina mom said...

that dish looks divine! so sad i wasn't the one tasting it ;)

i'm happy that you had the chance to let yourself open to the possibility of CHANCE (for what else can u describe reality tv?) and for that i commend your bravery :)

Ana Vick said...

Yes, it was quite daunting and definitely out of my comfort zone. I just wanted to hear them say it was good! But they were so stone faced I could hardly read them. It did seem like a good sign to me that they were incredulous that I made the tamale myself. All I can say is, I now know what it's like in case I ever want to try out again for something like that. :)

AnneLuvs2Cook said...

Did you get a call back? Your dish for the audition looked artful and creative.