Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Event Design Inspiration

2. PopFlowers (Handmade synthetic flower arrangments)

So you are planning an event but you or a guest is allergic to flowers? Do you ditch using flowers in your centerpieces? If you love flowers, I say no! Check out PopFlowers with their colorful, synthetic bouquets that are dirt resistant, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and have easy to mold wire stems for molding into varying arrangements they are the perfect subsitute for the real thing. I'd recommend this choice for a no-fuss wedding or event where you don't want to worry about the flowers wilting in the sun. They can even be raffled off or given away to one guest at each table at the end of your event for an extra surprise. They add a whimsical feel to your event and can be reused for a future celebration.

Beautiful Iris and Lili mix bouquet: $52.oo, Pink baby green mix: $32.00 (great for a new born baby gift too for hospitals where they don't allow fresh flowers), Poinsettias in a silver pail: $36.00 (Use them at your Christmas dinner or as a hostess gift)
Try these adorable Make-Your-Own kits for a fun birthday party activity at your child's next spring or summer time birthdays. ($22.95/$17.50 each)

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