Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have Your Cake

1. Jean Philippe Patisseri
After a relaxing afternoon strolling through Bellagio's Botanical Gardens and a quick glimpse of the gift shop, we ended up at the hotel's fabulous bakery, Jean Philippe Patisseri. If you want some fresh ideas for your wedding or birthday cakes, check out what their masterful chefs came up with!

There's something stunning for every style of event here-from this modern and funky tea pot cake, to this fantastic cake perfect for a golf loving groom, to this Sponge Bob cupcake cake which is sure to be a hit with the kids, and many more. These cakes are so cute you might have a hard time cutting into them!
Here's a glimpse of their yummy pastries which you can choose to have at your event in place of cake. These beautiful desserts are sure to satisfy any one's sweet tooth and are stunning as well.

Visit their website to see Jean Philippe's other creations and check out their chocolate fountain, which is officially the largest one in the world!

Photos by my husband, Joshua Vick (Warner Brothers cinematographer) :)

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