Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama supporters know how to party!

The Obama supporters held a debate viewing event at the same venue where we will be having the fashion show tomorrow-Boulevard 3 in Hollywood. It's a great place to party, but apparently also to watch the debates with all their flat screen tv's they had throughout the venue. Although despite the various rooms inside and out with booths (mostly reserved) to sit in, there were plenty of people standing...always a good sign! It was just big enough to hold all the dedicated Young Democrats-a much bigger crowd than I expected being my first Young Democrats meeting and not really knowing what to expect. All I have to say is good for us, after all everyone has to do in our busy days we should get a pat on the back for taking time to focus on politics like so many others in America are doing right now. It's time for change, and without putting two much of my own political views out there I just want to ask everyone to please do what you can to help elect the right person for the job and PLEASE don't forget to register to vote by October 20th (for CA)!

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